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On The Cloud

The Client

Onthecloud is one of the leading HR and learning software review platform which endeavors to help HR software buyers to make better- and well-informed purchasing decisions. It is committed to provide sophisticated and latest reviews of the HR Cloud software and create an ecosystem for genuine product buyers by supporting it with whitepapers, blogpost, market analysis. The main aim of the product is to “reduce the time to make buying decision with the latest information about the market”.

The Challenge

Many a times the L&D or HR team fails to find the list of various software vendors which they might need at a single place. These software may be from the categories like People Analytics, Talent Management, Video Conferencing tools, Learning Management Systems, Course Authoring Tools etc. The task of searching them on google is time consuming and cumbersome. Hence client wants to build a web portal which can allow users to find all these products at one place and compare them for the better understanding of features, pricing, reviews, etc.

The Approach

After hearing the requirement, Knowzies team proposed a deep research and study phase to the customer to validate the market and real needs of the customers. This was done through a lot of secondary research and by comparing some similar sites like Capterra, G2App, GetApp to name a few. Post that, the feature list was prepared based on the real needs of the intended target audience and a detail product road map was prepared. etc. During the development phase, there was a lot of improvisation in-terms of feature list, GUI and usability aspects of the product. The agile development methodology helped us to redefine the original product road map and our flexible approach helped to build the right set of features without too much of re-work. The approach of writing user stories one after the other was the key highlight of the project.

The Solution

The solution consists of a responsive web application which is available in 4 different languages- English, Spanish, Italian and French.
The main portal offers the excellent search facility to search the required product based on category, feature, pricing, country etc. It also shows the latest trends in the industry and top 3 products based on the user’s reviews.
It has 5 different types of modules like Main Page, Categories (further split in sub categories), latest market analysis and trends, and some useful resources.
It also has a backend Admin panel with CMS access which allows admin to add/delete new products, approve revise, upload market analysis reports, create blogs, etc.

Admin can do the following

  • – Create sub users
  • – Create product pages and review those simultaneously
  • – Assign those to respective categories
  • – Publish same reviews in 4 different languages at a time
  • – Manage SEO
  • – Create resource pages
  • – Uploads blogs
  • – View reports

End User can do the following:

  • – Search for the right product
  • – Read the reviews
  • – Can rate the product
  • – Can ask for pricing/ quote
  • – Can advertise on the portal
  • – Can submit their comments and feedback
  • – Can download latest market reports, research papers, analysis, etc

Technology Stack