Our Work:   Live Lab App

Live Lab App

The Client

Lighthouse Learning specializes in digital learning business and is based out of Ireland. They combine teaching and technology to create on demand digital learning solutions for organizations that want to conveniently up skill their people and save money.

The Challenge

Lighthouse Learning wanted to build an application which will allow educational colleges and schools to conduct online exams in a controlled environment of a classroom. The application should allow a college/school to setup their faculties and departments, add tutors, lab manager and students, and setup assessments which could then be assigned to the students and be tracked on a real time basis by the tutor/lab manager.The application was required to work on all types of devices i.e. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smart phones and to be developed and delivered in the record time.

The Approach

Knowzies team started this project by building a detailed product roadmap as the first step. This was then presented and discussed with the client team. A high-leveltime and effort estimate was shared with the client. Post couple of rounds of discussions with the client the exact scope was refined and finalized along with the product road map and go to market date followed with the budgets. The next step was to build interactive visual prototypes and document the feature requirements as user stories. Knowzies team built this product across 5 sprints, each sprint being of 2 weeks.

The Solution

The solution was built as a responsive web application with the student interface being completely responsive while the other user interfaces work seamlessly on desktops, laptops and tablets.
It has 4 types of users viz Admin, Tutor, Lab Manager and Student.

Admin can do the following

  • – Setup Tutors, Lab Managers and Student
  • – Setup Locations where exams need to be conducted
  • – Manage system settings like Logo, Time zone and Date format

Tutor can do the following:

  • – Setup Students, Groups, Question Banks (Question types include both objective (Single Choice and Multiple Choice) and objective questions) and Assessments (exams)
  • – Assign Assessments to Groups of Students as well as Lab Managers
  • – See live view of the assessments as they are attempted by the students
  • – Give grades for responses to objective question by the students
  • – See assessments report

Lab Manager can do the following:

  • – Setup Groups
  • – Assign Assessments to Groups of Students
  • – See live view of the assessments as they are attempted by the students
  • – Give grades for responses to objective question by the students
  • – View assessments reports

Student can do the following:

  • – Take assessments
  • – View their result
  • – View and download their answer sheet

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