Top 8 Free Facebook Marketing Strategies for Startups

Gone are the days where Facebook was just another tool for sharing images and find friends, chatting and such. Facebook has now emerged as a trendsetter in the digital marketing sphere. It doesn’t come as a surprise that, “61% of marketers cite Facebook as the most important social channel they use for business.”

With almost 2.38 billion active monthly users as of March 2019, Facebook offers a large audience, categorized according to their preferences. Facebook hence offers great opportunities to both startups and established companies no not just promote themselves but even for online selling.

However, marketing as always comes first. So, here are the Top 8 free Facebook Marketing Strategies for Startups.

  1. Personalized Content

Nothing works like a little bit of personalization when it comes to targeting the right audience and marketing the right way. This can be done through daily status updates, posting or sharing content on Facebook wall. But, before doing so, identify the audience you are targeting and curate content that applies to the demographic or professional background. Content relevance plays an important role when it comes to targeted marketing on Facebook. Good quality content can take your Startup a long way. The Facebook Ads Manager is a good place to start, for creating an audience base. Also, try to think about the Facebook algorithm that works well with created content and direct uploads rather than outbound links.

  1. Strategic Content Sharing

Just sharing content may not always bring in the expected results. This is where a strategic approach comes into play. While content relevance remains crucial, posting on days and time when there is high traffic is a marketing strategy that works. According to Sprout Social, “Wednesday at 11am and 1pm are the best times to post on Facebook.” The traffic and general engagement tend to be higher during weekends too. In addition, it is also essential to consider the international time zones and plan accordingly to reach out to global viewers.

  1. Communicate Well

Facebook is a good place to initiate meaningful conversations. As far as marketing on Facebook goes, communicating or dropping hints about some fixed activities, creating an expectation through periodic actions etc. are good ways to go about. Having an open-door policy in terms of online chats, discussions etc. allows the audience to be acclimatized with the routine course of actions and understand the commitment you have as an organization and more importantly creates an arena for engagement with the potential customers.

  1. Promote Your Startup

Facebook is a good place to promote startups and is one marketing strategy that startups should definitely put to use. Right from promoting the product or service to sharing a broad picture about the kind of services the company plans on providing, the value addition offered and the unique selling point etc. can be discussed on the Facebook wall, to attract the potential customers and to create a general awareness about the brand.

  1. Benefit from Networking

Facebook is good place to network with people having similar interests and requirements. Tagging people who might be interested, or engaging with popular thought leaders in the industry, sharing content of value created by industry influencers on your company’s Facebook page etc. act as good marketing strategies.

  1. Build a Relationship before Selling

While the whole purpose of using Facebook for marketing is about improving sales, going head on into selling may not be the right approach. Instead, start slow. Begin by creating an image, engage with the audience and groups by liking, sharing and commenting on posts. This can help in keeping the company’s name fresh in the minds of the audience. Facebook marketing is all about visibility and with the right strategy any Startup can work its way to the top in the digital world.

  1. Invest on the Potential of Videos

Video-based content has more potential for engagement. Storytelling, explanation, animation, there are many ways to use videos. Videos can be good tools for creating brand awareness and hold more scope for being shared on Facebook and other social media tools. For startups, it offers a reliable way to create a great first impression. Quintly states that, “Native Facebook videos receive an average of 530% more comments as compared to YouTube videos shared on Facebook.”

  1. Feedbacks

Use Facebook as a portal to share feedback. Ask them to share product reviews for new product or feature ideas, don’t fear the negative reviews. Tag the posts for better outreach and more generic feedback too. Surveys, polls etc. too can be used to gather feedback.

All that being said, for any Startup to succeed the uniqueness of the product or service and the value addition plays an important role. Facebook offers many interesting options for marketing, but at the end it is the Startup and its efforts that count. For startups, Facebook is the go-to-place for making the brand visible. Starting with a separate page to posting content to creating an audience base and then moving on to Facebook advertising, and so on the Facebook marketing options are improving by the day and so the strategies must be constantly changed or modified too, in order to work well with the audience.

So, what do you think about Facebook Marketing? Do share your thoughts.

Ashutosh (Ash as he is known as) is a passionate problem solver and loves building relationships. After spending 13+ years in eLearning and custom tech solutioning sales he co-founded Knowzies Technology Solutions to live his dreams of entrepreneurship. He has extensive experience in eLearning and Mobile Technologies and has helped many companies including few fortune 500 companies finding the most suitable solution. Ashutosh started his sales career in 2002 and went on to head global sales team for a leading Learning Solutions provider handling US, EU, APAC, MEA, and India. Currently, as a COO Ash wears multiple hats and is helping clients in implementing right eLearning, Mobile Learning and Custom Tech strategies. Ash is an eminent speaker and has delivered many webinars, represented global L& D events and have delivered speeches in few of them as a speaker. He has handled multiple teams of talented professionals over the years and worked with 100+ international clients and partners. Ash is highly popular as a cool mentor amongst the team and he believes in doing things right at first go. He takes pride in what he does and is highly pondered by the clients for his timely responses and addressing any critical situation with a cool mind. In free time, he loves to read and spend time with family and his 2 sons Naitik and Vihaan keep him on toes over weekends. He is a sports buff and loves watching all kind of sport especially Cricket and Football. He is fond of reading about various historical novels and loves traveling and meeting new people.

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