Mobile App Development- 5 Myths

Believe it or not, busting some good old myths is fun. After all, Ghostbusters, still worked in a remake version didn’t it? Why do myths garner so much attention? Simple, people tend to be more attentive when there are stories and tattle-tales involved. But, to move forward and to adapt to anything new, knowing the difference between misconceptions and true facts is a must. More so because myth-busting requires real investment in the subject and while focusing on understanding the inner workings of it, clarity just tends to come in.

We at our end have been learning a lot over the past few years while creating new mobile applications and designing technology solutions for our clientele. Based on what we have come across here are 5 myths about Mobile App Development and the truth behind them.

Myth 1#  A Mobile App Fixes Everything

A mobile app could be many things, but a Magic wand that makes up for everything isn’t one of those things. For starters, only a Mobile App stemming from a good idea can survive in the market filled with innumerable apps. The genuineness of the idea and its usefulness, design, and features make the Mobile app acceptable. So, just taking up mobile app development as a fad may not be the right way to get started. Having a mobile app for a business that doesn’t need one isn’t a brilliant idea. Moreover, without proper preparations and promotions, the app wouldn’t even be visible enough to gain attention, let alone attract users.

Myth 2#  Mobile App Development is a One-time Thing

Mobile App Development is just the beginning and until the effort is supported through marketing, regular updates and support, it would just fade off into oblivion in sometime. Just the number of downloads does not determine whether the app is useful and successful. Usage depends on various factors including design, interface and usability. And the number of active users determines the popularity of the app. This depends on how the app is maintained, how updated and secure it is.

Myth 3#  Mobile App Development is Merely Coding

That’s almost like saying that Mobile App Development is just like stacking building blocks. While there are frameworks available to assist in shifting the focus to just coding, a custom mobile app development covers everything from interface design to placement of interactive elements, images and content placement etc. All of which cannot be done by coding alone.

Myth 4#  It is Just Repackaging the Web Version

This might go well in a broad level explanation. But Mobile App development isn’t just converting a web version into mobile compatible one. Right from the way it looks on the mobile screen to the interactions involved, mobile app is different though the content may be the same (segregated differently). Moreover, when there is need for a mobile and a web version, opting for responsive design or creating the app in form of a web or hybrid app could be better.

Myth 5#  Finding the Right Development Company is Easy

While the choice to find an outsourcing partner to handle the mobile app development requirements may come in easy, the real task begins thereafter. In a market brimming with new development firms, it might be difficult to sort through and find one that fits the requirements. Here’s a checklist to hold on to, just to ensure that you find a compatible development partner.

  • Be sure about the Requirements
  • Look for Recommendations
  • Look into the Portfolio and assess the work done previously
  • Experience and expertise shouldn’t be Overlooked
  • Timelines and Processes
  • Have a heart to heart discussion before finalizing to ensure that the wavelengths match.

It is astonishing however that there still are people who believe Outsourcing isn’t the right thing to do and that it is costlier, and the chances of getting unsatisfactory output are higher. This however, isn’t true in today’s time where most organization prefer to hire an outsourcing partner with expertise in the field rather than getting into the complex process of hiring and training an in-house team. Moreover, with transparent processes, faster-go-market and good quality app development outsourcing companies have surely upped their mobile development game.

Knowing does make a difference doesn’t it? Hope that clarifies at least some aspects that have clouded your choices so far. For knowing more, you can just drop a message and our Ghostbusters Aka MythBusters can give you some explanation.

And if you are new to the whole Mobile App development scenario, or need help with creating a mobile app but are unable to find the right solution, just drop us a message and our team will assist you promptly.

Lokesh has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry with demonstrated success and experience in new product initiatives, product management, solution consulting and business analysis. He has successfully built 4 products from ground up. “Champions take their chances and pressure is a privilege” is a motto with which he likes to approach everything in life. He also runs a food chain by the name of “The Egglicious Café” and can be found on weekends at the outlets experimenting with different dishes and interacting with customers. In case of any queries, you can reach to him on

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