Checklist for Startup Companies Before Hiring a Technology Partner

Checklist for Startup Companies Before Hiring A Technology Partner

Setting up a company, registration, looking for investments (if required), finding the right office space, recruitment, getting the infrastructure ready and so on, these are the inevitable stages that any startup company has to go through. But, that’s pretty much just the beginning as the startup gets running and projects/demand for service come in and that’s when you start hunting for a technology partner (if you haven’t done that earlier).

What should a technology partner deliver? How much can the company offer? How can you identify the right technology partner? There are several questions that can be raised at this point. Finding a good partner is essential for startups as it builds the foundation of the business. Errors at the very beginning can be detrimental and impact the venture. It is always better to be safe than sorry, so here’s a checklist for Startup Companies to refer to before hiring a technology partner.

  1. Be aware of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Personally, you may be experienced and skilled, but what you need to be aware about is the collective experience, the strength, and weaknesses of the entire team. Why does this top the checklist? Because the technology partner should be able to fill the gaps and not widen them.

Look into the experience, expertise based on the task that needs to be handled. Here are some key aspects to look into:

  • Is the Technology partner knowledgeable about the advanced and stable frameworks?
  • Does the firm have experienced developers?
  • How is scaling handled?
  • Are they futuristic?
  • What is the market opinion?
  1. Run A Technological Audit

Before hiring a technical partner for your startup, you need to be clear about the technical infrastructure of the company (both yours and of the company you plan to partner with).  It is essential to know whether the technological partner is up to speed with the current trends in technology. And as a startup, you need to be prepared to foot the bill for the (additional) new technological infrastructure that might be required.

  1. Contingency Mechanism

As a startup, it is always good to have a safety net in place to avoid heavy losses in case the project falls apart. While as a startup, you should have a second option listed and the technology partner should have the capability of scaling up and scaling down depending on the situation. It is also good to know how the partner has handled complex and sudden scenarios in the past.

  1. Solutioning

This again comes in as an extension of experience, solutioning is of the essence as every technological organization/company. As a startup, the solution for a large enterprise may not be suitable for the organization. Before hiring the technological partner be sure that they have the capability to create solutions that suit your requirement and scale of functioning.

  1. Deadlines

There is nothing like punctuality when you are new to the business. While the timelines are often known to shift, it should be in congruence with the clients/customers and adherence to deadlines is a good way to build the reputation. Keep prepared to keep a track of the work, work hand in hand with the technological partner to deliver good solutions on time.

The other points that go into the checklist (but need no explanation) are:

  1. Check the Technological Partner’s Team
  2. List the Expectations
  3. Do the Working styles match?
  4. Can they handle language changes? What about additional requirements?
  5. Have you looked into the Past works?
  6. Does the technological partner have a good reputation?
  7. Will they be innovative? And how open are you to new ideas?

While these questions top the list, there may be many more points that can be added to the checklist to ensure that the decision making is done right and ensure that the technological partner hired can deliver what you need.

Don’t fret and add your own points to the list. While you may not always find a partner, who fulfills all the requirements, you can make the choice based on the more critical aspects of the partnership.

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Ashutosh (Ash as he is known as) is a passionate problem solver and loves building relationships. After spending 13+ years in eLearning and custom tech solutioning sales he co-founded Knowzies Technology Solutions to live his dreams of entrepreneurship. He has extensive experience in eLearning and Mobile Technologies and has helped many companies including few fortune 500 companies finding the most suitable solution. Ashutosh started his sales career in 2002 and went on to head global sales team for a leading Learning Solutions provider handling US, EU, APAC, MEA, and India. Currently, as a COO Ash wears multiple hats and is helping clients in implementing right eLearning, Mobile Learning and Custom Tech strategies. Ash is an eminent speaker and has delivered many webinars, represented global L& D events and have delivered speeches in few of them as a speaker. He has handled multiple teams of talented professionals over the years and worked with 100+ international clients and partners. Ash is highly popular as a cool mentor amongst the team and he believes in doing things right at first go. He takes pride in what he does and is highly pondered by the clients for his timely responses and addressing any critical situation with a cool mind. In free time, he loves to read and spend time with family and his 2 sons Naitik and Vihaan keep him on toes over weekends. He is a sports buff and loves watching all kind of sport especially Cricket and Football. He is fond of reading about various historical novels and loves traveling and meeting new people.

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